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Commodo Sculpts a Medieval Dubstep Torture Chamber on ‘My Liege’

After several EPs on dubstep minor deity Mala’s reliably excellent Deep Medi Musik imprint, U.K. bassmaker Commodo is set to release his debut solo LP, How What Time, on April 22. Following the murky, chiming “Set It Straight” featuring Rocks FOE, a rising MC from London’s Croydon borough, “My Liege” is the second listen off of the ten-track effort. With its harpsichord accents and ponderous pace, emphasizing a dungeon-like doom-and-gloom, “My Liege” — a term of obligatory obeisance from the feudal system — is appropriately (if ironically, since he’s obviously the one behind the controls) named. Listen to the clip here and stay tuned for How What Time‘s arrival next month.

Commodo Sculpts a Medieval Dubstep Torture Chamber on 'My Liege'

How What Time track list:
1. “Hej”
2. “Pea Souper”
3. “Itchin” feat. Trim
4. “Hadi Hadi Ah”
5. “My Liege”
6. “Russian Glass”
7. “Floods”
8. “How Dare You”
9. “Sleepwave”
11. “Set It Straight” feat. Rocks FOE
12. “Kofte Cloud”
10. “HWT”