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Watch Gene Simmons and Dr. Phil Pair Up for a Rock Star Intervention

Let’s set the scene: You’re a 43-year-old man named Kris who’s spent his life attempting (and not succeeding, mind you) to be a rock star. Your idol is Gene Simmons (we’ll allow it). The pursuit of superstardom swallows you daily.

“I’m addicted to fame,” Kris says to Dr. Phil — therein lies the hook — who’s brought in to intervene. “I’m addicted to wanting to be somebody. My addiction is a drug. That feeling you get when you perform, the adulation, it’s like no other.”

Enter stage left Gene Simmons his damn self. With Kris “just weeks away from being kicked out of his parents’ house and being homeless,” Dr. Phil decides to bring in the big guns with the KISS legend attempting to pound some sense into the show’s protagonist (antagonist? Sad-sack?).

“I’m here to tell you that being delusional about yourself and [thinking], ‘I have this dream and I’m God’s gift,’ that’s great,” Simmons tells the man. “And I support you and I hope you do become the next Elvis. But get a damn job and pay back everybody all their money.”

“You’re a powerful and attractive man,” Simmons add as he gazes as Kris. Honestly, this video is a damn delight and a treat and random and fascinating all in the same package. Watch below.