Watch Killer Mike, Bernie Sanders, Cornel West & Nina Turner Discuss MLK Jr.’s Legacy

At this point Killer Mike‘s support of Bernie Sanders‘ presidential campaign is well documented, from speaking at rallies to filming and promoting his own conversations with the Vermont senator and discussing his qualifications on late night television. On Sunday, in congruence with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, the two new political pals joined Dr. Cornel West and former Ohio state senator and minority whip Nina Turner for a discussion about the civil rights hero’s legacy.

Over the 49-minute video — which live streamed earlier and is now available to stream in full — they discuss how MLK’s work has been skewed and mischaracterized in the nearly 50 years since his assassination, as well as how it continues to inform American social justice efforts today. Early on, Mike feels a need to explain his qualifications to participate in the discussion with his fellow panelists, listing a list of mentors who worked closely with King in a way he rarely publicizes. As the Run the Jewels emcee is typically well informed and thoughtful in most all his discussions of civil, social and political issues, he more than held his own in the company of such heavyweights.

Watch the discussion here:


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