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FEELS Revel in Escapism on Hazy ‘Close My Eyes’

The invincibility of youth — or at least the illusion of it — is the premium gasoline that fuels rock ‘n roll. Los Angeles’ garage-greased foursome Feels revel in that philosophy, and the shred-until-your-fingers-bleed practice of recently transplanted comrade Ty Segall, who produced their self-titled debut LP (out February 26 via Castle Face Records).  “Close My Eyes,” the first listen off of the nine-track effort, buries singer and guitarist Laena Geronimo’s honeyed, laconic vowels within her and guitarist Shannon Lay’s gnarly yowling.

Of the track, Geronimo tells SPIN, “‘Close My Eyes’ is about summertime escapism, letting go of control and relishing in the mystery of adventure. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, ‘I just love that feeling when my feet are off of the ground / And I never wanna come down / Close my eyes, I could fly / I’ll never die, [I’ll] just close my eyes.” Listen here and find Feels‘ full track list, along with the album art, below.

FEELS Revel in Escapism on Hazy 'Close My Eyes'

Feels track list:
1. “Close My Eyes”
2. “Slippin”
3. “Play It Cool”
4. “Today”
5. “Tell Me”
6. “Unicorn”
7. “Bird’s Eye”
8. “Small Talk”
9. “Running’s Fun”