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Vanessa Elisha and XXYYXX Conjure a Magical Panic on ‘Out of Time’

Australian vocalist Vanessa Elisha has the perfect voice for the modern world: soulful and digitalist, intimate and distant — an appropriately delirious mirror of the twisted, slurry concoctions that young Floridian producer Marcel Everett has wrung out of stirring synths and R&B samples over the course of the last few years as XXYYXX.

On “Out of Time,” she teams up with Everett for the second time, the first being on “Unknown,” a summery slow-jam. And like that track, the placid production couldn’t fit with her penitent and dizzy voice better. The song presents an interesting interaction between Elisha’s smooth vocals and the sentiment of urgent panic as she repeatedly insists that we’re “running out of time,” adding an unprecedented layer of anxiety to this otherwise laid-back style. Listen here.