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Vanessa Elisha and XXYYXX Conjure a Magical Panic on ‘Out of Time’

Australian vocalist Vanessa Elisha has the perfect voice for the modern world: soulful and digitalist, intimate and distant — an appropriately delirious mirror of the…
Oliver Kinkel / November 12, 2015

Gabriel Saloman’s ‘Movement Building Vol. 2′ LP Is Terrifying and Peaceful in Equal Measure

Gabriel Saloman makes music that lives in the spaces between genre classifications. There's a lot of records that live in those middle grounds, but Saloman’s…
Oliver Kinkel / October 28, 2015

Pusha T Delivers on Yogi’s Hard-Hitting ‘Siri’

Yogi took another one out of the oven today, this time in the form of a gigantic track featuring verses from Pusha T and Swedish sensation Elliphant.
Oliver Kinkel / October 21, 2015

The Range’s Remix of Yppah’s ‘Neighborhoods’ Feels Like an HD Nature Documentary

The songs released so far from the forthcoming Yppah release, Tiny Pause, are tranquil but calculated. Thinking about how much focus it takes to make…
Oliver Kinkel / October 15, 2015

Murlo Gets Swift-Footed on Tumbling Single ‘Cascade’

It feels like crunch time on "Cascade," one of the standout tracks from Murlo’s forthcoming EP, Odyssey — in and of itself an apt title for…
Oliver Kinkel / October 8, 2015

PC Worship Have Difficulty Relaxing On ‘Social Fiction’

On their Bandcamp profile, PC Worship assert that they are aesthetically "uncommitted and explorative." This may be true, but along with Sediment Club and the…
Oliver Kinkel / October 7, 2015

Long Distance Poison Embrace the Horror of It All on ‘Lama Nada’

Long Distance Poison’s new tape on Chicago-based label Hausu Mountain comes with a description that sounds like body horror. Lama Nada is made up of two…
Oliver Kinkel / October 1, 2015

Editors Share Cloaked Single ‘The Law,’ Featuring Rachel Goswell of Slowdive

Editors frontman Tom Smith, the driving concept for his band's forthcoming album, In Dream, is to make a record that reflects his acts inclinations toward…
Oliver Kinkel / September 21, 2015