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Palm Lose Themselves in an Art-Rock Thicket on ‘Trading Basics’ LP

The Philadelphia-via-Upstate New York quartet Palm‘s approach to wiry genre-hopping art rock emphasizes density. Guitar lines creep like vines, winding around the heaving tree trunks of drummer Hugo Stanley and bassist Gerasimos Livitsanos thunderous rhythm section. Parts intersect, intertwine and coalesce into brilliant patterns of biodiversity, the sort of disorienting thicket that’s easy to get lost in.

And at least in the case of their full-length debut Trading Basics, you’ll want to. Due November 6 on Exploding in Sound and Inflated Records, the LP is an 11-track collection that finds them making compositions more gnarled than ever before while still rooting it in the real world. After the twinking harmonics of “Time Times Three” ease into the jungle, things get uneasy with “Crank” as guitar lines warp and rend with the same time-traveling energy that marked the best Sun City Girls compositions and the hyperpop anxiety that Deerhoof made their home. It doesn’t relent over the course of the ensuing tracks, getting dizzier and woollier all the while. It’s the sort of record that you’ll never quite get down on first listen, so check it out here. And then again.