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Beach Slang Head to the Shore for ‘Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas’ Video

Perhaps it’s not the most surprising thing that Beach Slang’s new music video for “Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas” takes place, well, on a beach, but the visual for the The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us cut is a bright, touchingly nostalgic short.

[articleembed id=”170240″ title=”Beach Slang: This Band Could Be Your Life” image=”170377″ excerpt=”James Alex is about to play to a mostly empty room and he’s noticeably nervous”]

Comprised of a mixture of gorgeous oceanside footage and crisp-yet-rustic imagery of the simple pleasures of a youth about to wane, the Konstantinos Psimaris and Tom Ammon-created clip really captures the moment in time the song encapsulates. Watch the video below, and check out SPIN‘s recent feature on Beach Slang right here.