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Azealia Banks Attacked a Security Guard at a Los Angeles Club

Azealia Banks, who yesterday said that she was “very busy at work” when she canceled her tour, is now being investigated by the LAPD for beating up a security guard at a Los Angeles club. According to TMZ, who obtained video of the assault, the “212” rapper was partying at Break Room 86 late last month when her group became a little too rowdy, and security told them to leave. Never one to not escalate a situation, Banks attempted to pull the fire alarm on the way out, the club’s security claims. When a guard tried to stop the provocateur from ruining everyone else’s night, Banks and a few of the people she was with jumped the guy, and she appeared to throw many, many punches. The video has no sound, so we can only imagine what Banks was saying to the security guard, though we have a pretty good guess. According to TMZ, the LAPD has opened a criminal battery investigation.