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Nicki Minaj Trumps Robin Thicke on His New Single ‘Back Together’

Robin Thicke’s dodging rumors that he’ll soon marry his 20-year-old girlfriend with a new song called “Back Together,” a — who else? — Max Martin production that also features Nicki Minaj.

For those unfamiliar with Thicke’s catalog pre-“Blurred Lines,” the R&B singer’s worked with Nicki before, on 2009’s sultry “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy,” but on both songs, she totally outshines her partner. “Ayo Robin / I get more head than when they noddin’ / Kitty on fleek, it’s popping, I’m Mary Poppins,” she rhymes.

Will this song catapult Thicke back into the public’s good graces? Probably not, but it’s a really catchy, frothy piece of late-summer fluff that’s in line with Martin’s work on recent Maroon 5 tracks like “Sugar” (the remix to which Nicki appeared on as well) so we can’t fault it for anything.