Metric Share Scattershot New Music Video For ‘The Shade’

Metric’s upcoming album drops next month, but today the Toronto synth pop outfit shared the music video for their slick single, “The Shade.” It’s an interesting collection of scenes of the band on a rooftop cut with looping, GIF-like clips of landfills, cityscapes, and unusual imagery. Emily Haines explained the video to Rolling Stone:

We live in a world inundated with imagery. Pictures, videos and graphics permeate our consciousness all hours of the day. That’s what we wanted to capture in “The Shade”: humanity and nature caught in patterns and loops of beauty, destruction and decay.

The final video isn’t quite as grandiose and important as Haines makes it out to be (no shade) but it’s a visually arresting piece of work. Watch it via Rolling Stone, and look for Pagans in Vegas when it drops on September 18.


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