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Metric Tease New Album ‘Pagans in Vegas’ With Slickly Synthesized ‘Cascades’

A few weeks ago, Metric teased their upcoming tour with Imagine Dragons by releasing “The Shade,” a heart-pounding synthesized track that signaled a return three years after the band’s Synthetica. Early this morning, the Canadian outfit dropped “Cascades,” a song they describe as “the pounding heart of our new album.”

That’s right (and talk about burying the lede): Metric has a new LP due on September 18 called Pagans in Vegas. “As always, we encourage you to sing along with the robots,” the band writes in a statement attached to the new cut. “Just keep…going strong…with whatever it is…that’s compelling you on. Xo metriclovesyou.” Preorders for the album include a mysterious “time capsule” package, a cassette version of “The Shade,” and a double-sided vinyl. Stream “Cascades,” and find the Pagans in Vegas track list below.

Metric, Pagans in Vegas track list:
1. “Lie Lie Lie”
2. “Fortunes”
3. “The Shade”
4. “Celebrate”
5. “Cascades”
6. “For Kicks”
7. “Too Bad, So Sad”
8. “Other Side”
9. “Blind Valentine”
10. “The Governess”
11. “The Face, Pt. I”
12. “The Face, Pt. II
13. “Office Towers Escalate”

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