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Here’s Why Chris Brown Picked the Perfect Tattoo to Adorn His Skull

Chris Brown is nothing if not someone who absolutely gives little to no s–t about what anybody thinks about him — what other type of person would willingly get the face of a statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite tattooed across the back of his head?

If you’ve paid even a millisecond of attention over the past half decade or more, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Brown’s one of the most reviled names in music. The singer has a tempestuous history, one that’s found him arrested several times, cheating on his girlfriends (one of whom’s tale made it onto an Oprah-sanctioned reality show, Iyanla Fix My Life), tossing chairs through TV studio windows, and fighting with other performers both in reality (most notably a brawl with Frank Ocean) and over social media (which, come on, lame).

SPIN isn’t one to slam anybody for their tattoo choice, and in Brown’s case, in fact, Aphrodite is the perfect choice of permanent, life-altering ink. Get ready to get your mythology on, because here’s why:

  • Aphrodite was the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality — that’s textbook stuff, and likely the reason Brown tatted-up in the first place (“Aw, love, I love love, let’s put love on my head but, like, a Greek goddess because that’s art, man” — him, possibly). However, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman lore) is also regularly known as a cantankerous, petty controller. Wikipedia calls her “vain, ill-tempered, and easily offended.” Sound like any popular R&B singer you know?
  • Aphrodite was frequently portrayed as a cheater, a serial pursuer of love and sex in all its glory. Ringing any bells?
  • Aphrodite was a major inciting factor in the Trojan war, the variable in the equation that led men to wage battle against each other. Brown himself switched sides from Rihanna to Karreuche Tran so regularly that he too incited (social media) wars between the two.
  • She was beloved by prostitutes.
  • Aphrodite was born, according to lore, when Cronus severed Uranus’ genitalia, the blood from which fell into the sea and mixed into a foam that formed the goddess. In that same vein, Chris Brown is kind of a penis.

And there you have it — well done, Chris Brown. You did it. Enjoy having that blob on the back of your head forever.