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Jason Derulo Channels His Inner Darkwing Duck for ‘Cheyenne’ Video

Hot on the heels of his fourth album — the aptly titled Everything Is 4Jason Derulo’s just dropped a cinematic, gothic video for his gloomy new track “Cheyenne.”

[articleembed id=”147936″ title=”Jason Derulo Sets His Sights on Pop's Throne” image=”148452″ excerpt=”Jason Derulo is, first and foremost, an editor”]

Decked out like Darkwing Duck, the 25-year-old awakens tied down to a chair in a room littered with half-burnt photos of women. Never fear: Derulo breaks the shackles and gets to show off those trademark floor-filling dance moves he’s mastered. Directed by Syndrome (not the villain from The Incredibles, though you probably wouldn’t know the difference considering how brooding the visual is), “Cheyenne” eventually goes full “Thriller” with dancing corpses. We’ll allow it.