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Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein Plans Memoir ‘Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl’

Sleater Kinney Carrie Brownstein Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl Memoir

There have been rumblings of an in-progress memoir from Sleater-Kinney singer/guitarist Carrie Brownstein since 2012, but now that she’s been interviewing others about their books, she’s decided to make it more official. As NME reports, a new post on Penguin’s website reveals that the book will be titled Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, and it will be released on October 27.

According to the post, the book will be a “deeply personal and revealing narrative” detailing Brownstein’s journey from “ardent fan to pioneering female guitarist to comedic performer and luminary in the independent rock world.” NME points out an old interview where Brownstein says that the book will detail the period of her life up to Sleater-Kinney’s long hiatus, “but it doesn’t even really go onto Portlandia. The book is available to pre-order now on Amazon and a host of other retailers.