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Night Drive Take Cinematic ’80s Ride With ‘Easy to Lie’ Video

For those Twin Shadow fans who might miss the old TS sound a little, now that the artist born George Lewis Jr. has moved onto triumphantly anthemic soul-pop on the excellent advance songs for his upcoming album, we have the super-accurately named Texas duo Night Drive, and their new single, “Easy to Lie.” With its dramatic vocals, big synth hooks, and motorcycle-heavy video, the song is a worthy successor to “Five Seconds” in terms of being an ’80s pop/rock nostalgia trip worthy of soundtracking a Top Gun-type blockbuster. Peter Hook-y bass and Steve Stevens-esque guitar help the song build to a feverish climax, as the titular yelp folds in on itself: “Is it easy to lie to me?

“Night Drive is not a band,” reads the band’s press release. “It’s a mission. 2 secret agents sent out to recalibrate the future of electro pop.” With “Easy to Lie,” Phase One appears to be well underway. Watch the video above and look out for the band’s debut album on Sound Control Records, likely later this year.