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Twin Shadow Plays ‘Turn Me Up’ on ‘Letterman,’ Returns Turn-Up Favor to Dave and Crowd

Twin Shadow, David Letterman

Twin Shadow graced the Late Show With David Letterman stage last night, playing new song “Turn Me Up,” from the upcoming album Eclipse. Playing in a leather hoodie and shorts hey, the trends come to the truly cool, not the other way around frontman George Lewis Jr. begins the performance playing in darkness, seemingly on his own until the guitars rev up the house lights and the rest of the band is illuminated. It ends with Lewis shredding on a “Purple Rain”-esque guitar solo, because there’s no real other way the performance could end.

“That’s it!” raved a typically ecstatic post-performance Letterman. “I don’t know what else you want!” Good question. Watch above, and look out for Eclipse on March 17.