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Dntel’s Jimmy Tamborello Takes Color Therapy’s ‘Screw Eyes’ to Warp Speed in New Remix

Color Therapy

Dallas electronic experimentalist Color Therapy recently dropped a synth-addled, punchy single titled “Screw Eyes,” which is set to appear on his forthcoming debut effort, Mr. Wolf is Dead. Now, Dntel‘s Jimmy Tamborello has taken a wrench to “Screw Eyes” with a remix that puts you in a dance-driven psychedelic trance. Tossing in dance-floor-ready drums and high-frequency wails, the former Postal Service member evokes a idyllic yet futuristic fantasy world by softening the original track’s pounding, purposeful beat, quickening the pace, and just generally taking an already spacey tune into hyperdrive.

“It sounds like it was left out in the sun, and it got warped and sun-bleached and dusty,” says Color Therapy of the remix. “The sharp edges have been worn down and the whole thing bears the remarkable fingerprints only Jimmy Tamborello can leave behind.” Listen below, and look out for Color Therapy’s full album when it drops on March 24.