Dntel’s Jimmy Tamborello Takes Color Therapy’s ‘Screw Eyes’ to Warp Speed in New Remix

Dallas electronic experimentalist Color Therapy recently dropped a synth-addled, punchy single titled "Screw Eyes," which is set to appear on his forthcoming debut effort, Mr. Wolf is…
Caitlin Gallagher / February 10, 2015

The Postal Service Tease Some Kind of 2013 Reunion

Earlier this month on The Colbert Report, the usually plugged-in host Stephen Colbert, as part of a unusually awkward interview even by Colbert standards, informed…
Marc Hogan / January 21, 2013

Dntel, ‘Aimlessness’ (Pampa)

The Postal man rings again but delivers a package in pieces, jumbling pop tracks with pleasant avant-garde ones.
Kory Grow / June 7, 2012

Hear Dntel’s Dreamy Full ‘Aimlessness’

More than a decade ago, Jimmy Tamborello made a song with Ben Gibbard called "(This Is) the Dream of Evan and Chan." Pop culture still…
Marc Hogan / June 4, 2012

Dntel, ‘Life Is Full of Possibilities’ (Sub Pop)

In 2001 this was one portrait of the future: a laptop producer and a series of indie-pop vocalists conspiring to make listeners weep into their…
Mike Powell / October 24, 2011