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Death Grips Release Mysterious Friday the 13th Performance Clip

Death Grips Performance Video Inanimate Sensation Lock Your Doors Stream

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Death Grips are back again with more mystery. We’re now over six months out from the official demise of the band, but in that time span, the duo hasn’t really quieted down. In addition to their still unreleased double album the powers that b, for which they’ve offered occasional updates, they’ve released music videos and an instrumental album, let info slip about a collaboration with Robert Pattinson, you know, all sorts of things that bands that aren’t broken up do. And last night, on Friday the 13th, the punk-rap pranksters released a surprise video that has more speculating about their return, a dark, low-quality performance clip from inside a tiny room.

There’s no official word yet on what it means, but if the Facebook post is correct in noting that it comes from “today,” then that’d mean that they’re at least together again in some capacity. Or Zach Hill and MC Ride could be messing with all of us yet again. Who knows, really. Either way, you can watch the whole thing above and catch the terrifying spectacle of Hill’s live drumming, which as always is something to behold.