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Death Grips Are #TeamEdward After All, Robert Pattinson Played Guitar on ‘Birds’

Robert Pattinson Death Grips Birds Guitarist Stream

Back when Twilight star Robert Pattinson started showing up in pictures with Zach Hill and MC Ride, people started speculating that maybe one of the Death Grips members was branching out into filmmaking. But now over a year later the nature of the actor’s collaboration has become clear. As a Redditor who scooped up the Record Store Day Black Friday vinyl release of 2013’s Government Plates points out, it turns out that Pattinson played the twittering guitar on that album’s “Birds.” This revelation highlights something of an avant-garde streak for the actor. After acting in a Don Delillo adaptation, he’s now dating FKA twigs, and just got himself a totally confounding haircut, so in retrospect—maybe this whole friendship with our favorite punk rap provocateurs makes a little more sense than it did at the time.

For a refresher, listen to “Birds” below.