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NIKO IS Has a New ‘Tito Crack that Dutch’ Video (and Talib Kweli’s Seal of Approval)

NIKO IS, Tito Crack That Dutch, Video

Talib Kweli has an eye for talent, so when he puts his full support behind someone, we best pay attention. Now, NIKO IS — a Brazilian-born rapper who gained some acclaim with his two self-releases, Chill Cosby and Good Blood — is getting Kweli’s endorsement. The two are going on tour together and Kweli’s label, Javotti Media, is releasing NIKO’s newest album, Brutus, on February 3. In advance of the upcoming record, we have a new video for “Tito Crack That Dutch,” a commanding track that premiered on Niko’s Good Blood but is set to appear on Brutus.

“Tito Crack That Dutch” gets a lot of mileage out of the alluring disconnect between the sweeping, high-brow string instrumentals and NIKO’s grizzled, half-shouted vocals. The glossy new video features the rapper performing and enjoying the good life amidst lights that shine and glare way more than usual. It’s almost as if it’s trying to say that his future is bright, and when you’ve got support like this…

…that’s a pretty safe assumption. Watch the video for “Tito Crack That Dutch” above.