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Ke$ha Accidentally Stole a Museum’s Toy Dinosaur, Returned It Covered in Glitter


Ke$ha had an awkward moment at the Los Angeles Natural History — but we’re sure it could’ve happened to anyone. (Almost.) Stopping by the museum for a wedding, the known animal lover accidentally left without paying for a three-foot-tall faux T-Rex, procured from the museum gift shop. When a security guard stopped her and her assistant in the parking lot, Ke$ha admitted her error and returned the toy. Except that it had become covered in glitter, as Ke$ha does.

According to TMZ, Ke$ha also created a second scene when she posed on top of the museum’s Triceratops display, which archaeologists felt “showed a lack of respect.” (Lord only knows what PETA has to say about this.) OK, look, we’re all for respect, but who are these so-called archaeologists, and why do they care about what Ke$ha does in a museum? Don’t they have bones to dig up and history to make, or whatever? Jeez. Priorities, people.