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John Legend Is Looking for Artists to Mentor Through the Axe White Label Collective

John Legend, Axe White Label Collective

An unspoken, but universally acknowledged truth about the music business is that it takes more than just talent to make it big. You need a lucky break, and you need to be ready for it. For John Legend, those breaks came when Lauryn Hill invited him to play piano on a solo project and in 2001, when he met a little up-and-coming rapper by the name of Kanye West, Legend was ready.

Now, he’s trying to pay it forward by partnering with AXE White Label for a special mentorship program for young artists. “I want to cultivate talent and turn aspiration into action by providing access to industry resources, building confidence and delivering opportunities to shine,” Legend explained, encouraging musicians to “#TakeTheLeap.” Interested acts can submit a YouTube video on the AXE White Label website for a chance to get one-on-one mentorship from Legend and even join him onstage at SXSW in March. Check out the site for more information, and hear more from Legend in the video above.