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Ariel Pink Plays a Los Angeles Taxi Driver in a New Short Film

Ariel Pink, Taxi Driver, Short Film

Ariel Pink is taking his unique talents to the screen — but just for a little bit. In Vagabond, a new short film shot for the Sugar Mountain Festival in Melbourne, the lo-fi auteur plays a Los Angeles taxi driver who seems to be street smart and naive in equal measure. The film — which is reminiscent of an episode of HBO’s Taxicab Confessions — follows Pink as he drives around the mostly empty streets of L.A. and talks a little about his life in between picking up two passengers. Tim Koh of Haunted Graffiti plays the first one, a super chill drifter, while Friend’s Samantha Urbani plays a lady of the night. Urbani and Pink have a nice, surprisingly heartfelt conversation about love, before her character shows her true, mischievous colors. The Johann Rashid-directed whole short is under six minutes long, so give it a watch above if you’re interested.