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Aphex Twin Unveils Upcoming 13-Track EP

Aphex Twin, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments PT2, New EP

Aphex Twin, who recently dropped more than 30 previously unreleased tracks out of nowhere like it was nothing, just announced the release of a new 13-track EP slated to come out later this month. Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments PT2‘s existence was confirmed Friday morning when Aphex Twin — born Richard D. James, tweeted about it. 

The EP will, as seen above, be released on January 23. See the full list of tracks, which all look like they were named by the same computer that’s allegedly controlling the acoustic instruments, below.

Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments PT2 track list:

1. “diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13”
2. “snar2”
3. “diskhat1”
4. “piano un1 arpej”
6. “hat 2b 2012b”
7. “disk aud1_12”
8. “0035 1-Audio”
9. “disk prep calrec2 barn dance ( s l o )”
11. “diskhat2”
12. “piano un10 it happened”
13. “hat5c 0001 rec-4”