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Aphex Twin Unveils More Than 30 Previously Unreleased Recordings

Aphex Twin

For an artist as prolific as Aphex Twin‘s Richard D. James, who has recently hinted that he has more albums of new material than just Syro ready to go, it should be no trouble digging up an extra 30 tracks or so, right? Right.

In part two of a very, very lengthy interview with Noyzelab‘s Dave Noyze, the electronic artist did exactly that (in addition to nerding out over gear and technical setups). So, what’ll you find in this previously unreleased Aphex treasure trove? 20 tracks composed with Buchla and Serge modular synths, plus outtakes from James’ orchestral performances in London and Poland, among other esoteric surprises.

Kill an hour with James’ full interview here, stream/download the aforementioned modular tunes below, and hear/download the rest on the Aphex Twin SoundCloud page.