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Dave Grohl Says He Never Went to a Strip Club With Courtney Love

Dave Grohl, Howard Stern, Prince, David Bowie, Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters stopped by Howard Stern Wednesday morning for a lengthy and revealing interview with the radio host as part of their Sonic Highways press junket. The band played “Learn To Fly” and “Something From Nothing,” but Grohl’s answers were the main draw. Perhaps the most interesting story the frontman regaled Stern with was the time Prince supposedly blew him off. Grohl said the guitarist invited him to play together during his 2011 Los Angeles residency. “I walked into the empty area during soundcheck and Prince just appears,” Grohl said. “He picks up a bass and starts shredding the bass…and we started playing ‘Whole Lotta Love.'” Once the surreal jam session was over, Prince asked Grohl what he was doing next week, suggesting future hang-our sessions, “and then I never saw him again,” Grohl said. 

Grohl also revealed that he almost recorded a song with David Bowie, and though it never came to fruition, they keep in touch via email. The band also talked Foo Fighters shop, as one would hope. For instance, he revealed that the chorus to My Hero” was initially just supposed to be a placeholder until they thought of something better, but their record label convinced them to stick with the original lyrics. Grohl also talked about plans to re-record the Foo’s self-titled debut album, but Taylor Hawkins convinced him that it was a bad idea.

And, of course, Courtney Love came up. Grohl confirmed Love’s recent statements deeming them friends, and that they had long since ended their feud. However, he denied going to a strip club with her and agreeing to a $10,000 bet. Hmmm… somebody is lying here… Listen to the full interview above.