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Watch Bob Dylan’s Surreal Show For an Audience of One

Bob Dylan Surreal Show Audience One Alone

In November, it was announced that Bob Dylan had played a pretty unique show in Philadelphia. Prior to his main gig later that night, Experiment Ensam enlisted the legendary songwriter to play a set for a lone superfan, Fredrik Wikingsson, and today the full episode is here. The series takes a single person and subjects them to an event that would usually feature a large crowd, and in the case of this Bob Dylan concert, the resulting experience seems like it was pretty emotional.

Wilkingsson had already seen Dylan play 20 times before this show, but after experiencing his idol through Buddy Holly’s “Heartbeat” and Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill,” among a couple of others tracks for him alone, he said he experienced a “flood of emotions” and “wasn’t far from crying.”

You can watch the video above, and seeing the surreal set unfold, it’s easy to see why he might “feel like a kid.”