The Wrens Finally Ink a Record Deal, With a New LP On the Way

The Wrens

It’s been 11 years since the Wrens released The Meadowlands — 11 long, long years. Now, after teasing a snippet from their forthcoming album last summer, the New Jersey indie-rock stalwarts have announced that they’ve officially signed a new record deal, and that aforementioned album is on its way. Hoagies and saltwater taffy for everybody!

Confirming the news on their website, the band held off on more details (such as which label they signed with) until a more official announcement, but the peek below should be enough to get fans frothing. After all, what’s a few more weeks or so after they’ve already been patient for a decade?  

…for the first time in I don’t even know how long (years at this point!), we all four got together. The occasion? Well, I realize it’s not big news in any sense except to us, but after 25 years as a band and for the first time in 20, we, as they say, have inked a deal. Pens were handed out presidentially. Morning beers were clinked together. The devil wrung his hands in delight & vanished in a smoke puff, laughing.

Honestly not being coy but promised not to reveal details, pending a more official announcement from both parties. But wanted to say at least something, partially ’cause we’re all super happy about it.

And partially because pretending to do this for a job (or whatever this is), there are none of the usual office trappings or career mile-markers along the way. No promotions; no HR; no office holiday party or company phone; heck, no office or company; no paid vacation; well, no ‘pay’ really…actually the more I write, the more I’m clearly describing a hobby. Anyway, so partially for myself (I signed a binding legal document! On letterhead!).

And partially to have something even a little more concrete than my usual “work continues nightly” to show that…this record is actually happening. And nearly done.

The Wrens, as some might remember, spent a decent portion of the ’90s and ’00s struggling with Grass Records (now Wind-Up Records, home of Creed and Evanescence) to regain the rights to their 1994’s Silver and 1996’s Secaucus, which remained long out of print as a result. So their first “inked deal” in 25 years of being an underdog band is definitely something of a coup for the minor legends behind “Everyone Choose Sides” and “She Sends Kisses.” Get excited.


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