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Kevin Whelan’s Aeon Station Releases New Song ‘Leaves’

Band's debut 'Observatory' is out December 10
Kevin Whelan Aeon Station
Ebru Yildiz

Kevin Whelan of The Wrens announced his newest project Aeon Station last month. Aeon Station just released another track off their upcoming debut Observatory, “Leaves.”



While the first track released last month, “Queens,” captures a refreshing essence of ’90s alt-rock, “Leaves” is a heart-wrenching ballad of self-enduring trials and defeat that a vulnerable Whelan sings with passion and questioning. “I took what little ground I could find to start again / And by the time you will realize I’m gone / It will all be over just a hard-won memory.” The closing lyric, “Off to find a better life,” mirrors Whelan’s new leap with Aeon Station, and the beginning of his journey innovating a new sound and carrying on his heart for making music.

“‘Leaves’ is about finding the courage to leave negative people or situations behind,” Whelan said in a statement. “It is not about giving up or feeling defeated. It’s about learning self-love, finding your voice, and setting on a path for a chance at something better.”

Observatory is out on December 10 through Sub Pop. “It’s the best I’ve done and may ever do frankly,” Whelan said. “It’s written over such a long period of my life. Music I did in the past was tinged with expectations or presumptions, but this time, it was just for me.”

Aeon Station Observatory Track List:


Hold On
Everything at Once
Empty Rooms
Better Love
Alpine Drive