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Watch Kindness and Robyn’s Sentimental ‘Who Do You Love’ Video

Robyn, Kindness

Kindness and Robyn have ordered a hit on your heartstrings in their new video for “Who Do You Love,” and there’s no escaping it. Taken from the disco-funk performer’s Otherness, “Who Do You Love” is directed by Daniel Brereton and is a grey-and-white montage of faces — lots of faces. Swedish faces, English faces, young faces, old faces, dark faces, light faces… and Robyn and Kindness’ (a.k.a. Adam Bainbridge) faces. 

Speaking to Pitchfork, Bainbridge and Robyn said that “there is so much information in the faces of people. And some of the people I love more than anything are in this video together with people that mean the world to Adam, so for me it has many dimensions. But for anyone watching it has a beautiful way of communicating the different layers in the song.”

Meanwhile, according to Bainbridge, “This video and this song is about people and connection and how you can identify who you are by those you love.” Consider our heartstrings tugged. Watch “Who Do You Love” above.