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Bruce Springsteen Auctions Off Guitar Lessons and a Lasagna Dinner

Bruce Springsteen, Lasagna, Auction, Guitar Lessons

It’s a well-known fact that Bruce Springsteen plays a mean guitar, but did you know that the Boss also makes a killer Lasagna? At least that was the implication Wednesday night at the 8th Annual Stand Up For Heroes charity concert, when Bruce auctioned off two axes he had played, a one-hour guitar lesson, a ride in the side car of his motorcycle, and a lasagna dinner at his house. The deluxe Springsteen experience netted the charity event $600,000.

According to Rolling Stone, Springsteen kept adding more and more to the auction item to get people to bid more, and two audience members agreed to each pay $300,000 and share the prize. All the proceeds from the auction went towards helping returning veterans and their families. The event raised more than $1 million, though over half of that came from Springsteen’s and the anticipation of his delicious, delicious lasagna.  

The annual event is thrown by the Bob Woodruff Foundation, with help this year from the New York Comedy Festival. John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Jim Gaffigan, and Louis C.K. opened for Springsteen, who played a five-song acoustic set for the New York City audience. Watch “Born in the USA” below.