Willie Nelson’s 30-Year-Old Braids Sold for $37,000 at Auction

Willie Nelson, Braids, Sold, 37, Auction

Country legend Waylon Jennings was apparently in the possession of two braids of hair belonging to fellow icon Willie Nelson. The famous intertwined ropes of hair were part of Jennings’ massive estate, which recently auctioned off about 2000 items including Nelson’s legendary braids.

We’d like to imagine the conversation went something like this: “Oh, there’s my CMA for Male Vocalist of the Year…that’s my platinum record for Ol’ Waylon…and oh yeah, that’s Willie Nelson‘s hair, he gave that to me a couple decades ago.” Nelson’s trademark braids were given to Jennings in 1983 as an act of solidarity to support his fellow Highwayman in his newfound sobriety, and sold for an astounding $37,000 in Phoenix over the weekend.

The questions here are numerous. Does braided hair get kinda funky after 30 years? Does that mean that each braid of Willie’s is worth a cool $18.5k on its own, or is it an all-or-nothing sorta deal? Does the Red Headed Stranger even know that he has such a windfall forever growing underneath his hat? Not that we imagine he needs the money, but if he ever does, it’s far more dignified than going into hock.



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