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SQURL Is Back With the Ultra-Droney ‘Francine Says’


When SQÜRL — formerly known as Bad Rabbit —  released their 2013 debut EP, it felt like a win for film-turned-music-turned-film nerds everywhere. Led by Jim Jarmusch, who most might recognize from such intellectually obscure films as Only Lovers Left Alive, Broken Flowers, and The Limits of Control, SQÜRL is a trio that also features film producer Carter Logan and sound engineer Shane Stoneback. Thus far, they have released two official discs (not counting the Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack), and now you can stream the first single, “Francine Says,” from their forthcoming third EP.

A slow-burning, sludgy track, the four-minute “Francine Says” sounds like the droniest drone you’ve ever heard (think: an cross between the Jesus and Mary Chain‘s “Just Like Honey” and Tim Hecker circa, well, everything). “Francine Says” really is a slog — but a rather enjoyable slog. Like, say, if you stepped into a pool of non-fatal quicksand on a picture-perfect beach in Maui. Sink into “Francine Says” below, and look out for SQÜRL’s third EP when it arrives on November 17.