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Jon Stewart Calls Crazed One Direction Fans ‘Vicious’


Jon Stewart briefly responded to the firestorm he caused last Thursday night when a member of his team committed the cardinal sin of making a joke about One Direction. After correspondent Jessica Williams offhandedly mentioned the British boy band as part of a list of terrorist jokes, their legion of fans took to Twitter and got the hashtag #TheDailyShowGoneTooFar trending all day Friday.

On Monday night’s The Daily Show, the first show since the “controversy” started, Stewart responded. During a segment about Obama’s speech to the United Nations on climate change, Stewart guessed that the one issue that would define the coming century was “the terrifying enthusiasm of One Direction fans.”

“I had to log off my Instagram,” Stewart said of the feud. “They’re vicious.”

He then went on to lament that if 1D fans had the same enthusiasm for defending the planet as they have for defending their precious Zayn Malik, we’d have no problem solving climate change. “I heard Harry’s headed out to sea on an ice cap,” he said, egging them on. If past experience is anything to go by, One Direction fans will respond to this joke rationally and understand that it’s all in good fun.