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Jaden Smith Raps About Ancient Incans on His Surprisingly Not-Weird New Song

jaden smith new song trophy blue ocean soundcloud

When Jaden Smith blessed the world with a 7-minute-long song yesterday, folks at the SPIN office wondered how much use we’d be getting out of his new artist tag. Little did we know that our venerable Twitter mystic would be kind enough to release another song on Soundcloud the very next day.

“Trophy,” Smith’s latest offering, is a tight and breezy two minutes of fairly impressive rapping. Unlike the confusing, introspective headache that is “Blue Ocean,” the new song is straightforward, and features Smith rapping about girls, drinking, and the ancient Incans.

Honestly, it’s almost disappointing how solid this new song is. It’s good, but at the same time, it lacks Smith’s trademark insanity we know and love. The good news: there are rumors that his mixtape Cool Tape Vol. 2 is coming out soon, so there’s lots of opportunities for Crazy Jaden to come out and play.