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Damon Albarn Performs ‘Everyday Robots’ for Some Very Polite Robots

Damon Albarn, Blur, Everyday Robots, Androids, Performance

If you’re an aging musician looking to play for a chill audience of attentive concertgoers — and let’s be honest, Damon Albarn’s stadium-rock days ended about a month after “Song 2” blew up in the States in the late ’90s — why not play for a bunch of androids? That’s the epiphany the ex-Blur frontman may have experienced during a recent concert at the Miraikan museum in Tokyo, video of which was recently posted online by the Creators Project.

The clip, above, features Albarn performing on piano for a bunch of human-looking Miraikan ‘bots, including sections of Blur’s ’97 deep cut “Strange News From Another Star” and (appropriately enough) the title track to his solo album from this year, Everyday Robots. “It’s terrifying and very inspiring, which is really how I feel about technology,” Albarn explains at the end. “I might write a song about singing to an android now.” If Radiohead lets him impinge on their turn-of-the-century turf, anyway.