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Dave Grohl Shares a Touching GWAR Memory at Foo Fighters’ Crowdfunded Virginia Gig

foo fighters gwar richmond virginia

At last night’s long-awaited crowdfunded Foo Fighters concert in Richmond, Virginia — which 1,400 fans paid for on Tilt in advance of the band’s agreement to actually play — Dave Grohl paid special tribute to the late frontman of GWAR, Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie. The local legend and larger-than-life metal star died on March 23, thought not after lovingly insulting everyone who ever mattered, including rock’s most beloved frontman. 

Said Grohl:

[He gave me] one of the greatest compliments, or non-compliments, I’ve ever gotten in my life. I remember seeing this interview with Dave Brockie where they asked Brockie about [GWAR’s] Grammy nomination, and somehow, he made his way to me, and he said, “Dave Grohl? He’s actually had teeth removed so he could fit more Grammy dicks in his fucking mouth.” So, right now, I’ve gotta give it up for Brockie. C’mon, let’s give it up for Brockie.

The Foos played 23 songs at their gig last night, including “Rope” and “The Pretender.” Last weekend, GWAR performed at Chicago’s Riot Fest with a new female vocalist and co-leader called, of course, Vulvatron. She’s the thrash band’s first female member since 2000, when Slymenstra Hymen left the band. Check out the Foo’s full set list and videos below, as well as a video of Grohl’s touching GWAR tribute.



Foo Fighters, Richmond, Virginia (September 17) Set List:

“All My Life”
“I’ll Stick Around”
“Up in Arms”
“Big Me”
“White Limo”
“My Hero”
“Cold Day in the Sun”
“These Days”
“The Pretender”
“Learn to Fly”
“Skin and Bones”
“Weenie Beenie”
“Monkey Wrench”
“Hey, Johnny Park!”

“Times Like These”
“This Is a Call”
“Best of You”