This Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Raps About Weed With Wyclef Jean

Colorado Governor Weed Wyclef Jean Campaign Video Rap

Trap lord season is approaching, but it might not be the one to which you’re accustomed. Earlier today, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon released a new promotional music video (via Gawker) featuring, of all people, the warbling vocals of former Fugees member Wyclef Jean.

Entitled “The Trap,” the campaign video features the weed-supporting independent Dunafon spitting hot fire like “Get the money out / So we can get along” as his supporters stand on street corners holding signs with aspirational messages like “Your Voice” and “Cannabis Relieves P.T.S.D.” Here’s what the candidate’s campaign people had to say to the Cannabist (yes, really) about his video:

Jean and Dunafon’s message is that if you’re sick of party politics, and you want to get the money out, an independent governor is the best choice for Colorado, because he is not taking money from vested interests, and is willing to talk about the most divisive issues: local control over fracking, the release of non-violent cannabis prisoners, and investing to create a world-class cannabis and hemp industry in Colorado.

It’s a beautiful sentiment. You can watch the entire, “see it to believe it” music video above.


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