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Watch Destructo and YG ‘Party Up’ on a Party Bus

Watch YG Destructo 'Party Up' On Party Bus

HARD Events founder and HOLY SHIP! cruise captain Gary Richards returns to his Destructo production moniker for the aptly titled, “Party Up.” The pulsating, over-the-top debauchery anthem is perfect for riding a buzz or, say, in a party bus packed with strippers. For both the song and the video, our host taps reigning ratchet-rap king YG, who holds forth over EDM instead of the clappy beats of his SPIN Essential My Krazy Life.

With ladies of the evening losing inhibitions, decadent lechery abounds in the video, as the lyric “I keep bitches on a party bus” captions the aesthetic. Watch his behind the scenes video to get in the heads of the sorcerers who conjured this strange magic. Stay tuned for more music from Destructo, with his upcoming West Coast EP (Insomniac/Interscope) followed by the ‘West Coast World Tour.”