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The National Get Silly in ‘Mistaken for Strangers’ Outtakes

The National Mistaken For Strangers Bonus Material Ping Pong Ball Video

The National’s 2013 documentary Mistaken for Strangers is available in theaters and on demand now, but while we wait for the stage production, director Tom Berninger seems to be already teasing the eventual DVD release on his Vimeo account with a grip of outtakes and bonus material from the film. The band mostly just pals around backstage, but all that dead time seems to spawn a certain silliness among the three pairs of brothers.

By pretending to shoot ping-pong balls out of his butt and bothering roadies on a walkie talkie with his theories about the greatness of Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” singer Matt Berninger (brother to director Tom) is the obvious highlight in these brief clips, but each member of the band gets in their share of quips. Watch an overview of all the extras above and a couple of more detailed videos below.

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