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Nine-Year-Old Pulp Fan Wins Jarvis Cocker-Judged Karaoke Contest

pulp jarvis cocker karaoke contest nine year old winner

Last Thursday night, nine-year old Graham Johnson won a Pulp karaoke contest that was judged by the band’s lead singer, Jarvis Cocker, at a Brooklyn rooftop screening of the documentary PULP: A Film About Life, Death, & Supermarkets.

It’s clear to see why Johnson, who sang “This Is Hardcore,” took top honors: He’s full of confidence (even slinging his jacket to the ground before singing a word), charisma (look at the way he struts across the stage!), and talent. In a post-song interview, the kid tried to butter up the judges when he clarified his stance on his song choice. “It’s not just my favorite Pulp song,” he told the emcee, “it’s my favorite song!”

“I will not forget that, ever,” Cocker (who recently appeared on Beck’s Song Reader album) told the clearly excited boy as the night wrapped up. Watch the video above and let the warmth wash over you.