Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza With the Secret Service

Malia Obama Lollapalooza Secret Service Chance the Rapper

If you spent your Sunday afternoon strolling around Lollapalooza, you may have noticed that among the hordes of teenagers there was one with a crew of plainclothes security guards in tow. Had you not been able to connect the dots then, a group of stoked kids on Twitter pointed out that none other than the president’s oldest daughter, Malia Obama, spent her weekend hanging in Grant Park.

Her parents have already shown their affinity for Chicago legends Frankie Knuckles and Kanye West, but as New York Magazine points out, Malia was spotted leaving the set of a current generation Windy City star, Chance the Rapper. While we don’t know if she caught R. Kelly’s surprise appearance during that set, it’s still exciting to think that someone in the White House is bumping records by SPIN’s 2013 Rapper of the Year. See a selfie Malia took with another festivalgoer below, along with several stunned tweet reactions.


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