See Stripped-Down Kiesza Stun With Nirvana ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ Cover

Kiesza Nirvana 'Heart-Shaped Box' Cover Video Live

House-pop singer Kiesza has got a hit song on her hands in “Hideaway,” but she’s not afraid to venture far afield to expose unlikely audiences to her art. For instance, her recent Late Show With David Letterman performance, the rising Canadian star danced her way out on the streets of New york City. Now, as Idolator notes, she travels back to the ’90s to cover Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” While the video you see above may not be the wild re-imagining that Kawehi’s synth-and-loops version was, her acoustic version is enchanting in its own way. Recording for NME, she finger-picks her way through the 1993 classic while her striking voice does its acrobatic thing overtop. Watch the video for Nirvana’s original below, and the impressive “Hideaway” clip beneath that.




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