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Chris Brown Covers Sam Smith, Changes Lyrics

Chris Brown Instagram Sam Smith Stay With Me Cover

Chris Brown took to Instagram last night to post a 15-second cover of Sam Smith’s popular “Stay With Me,” but the R&B singer and shmoney dancer added some lyrical changes that might not fit the song’s original intent.

“Oh won’t you stay with me,” Brown sings in the video, which is the full extent of the original song he decided to keep intact. “Cause I bought your new weave,” he adds, signalling the video’s downward spiral. “Now I done spent my cheese, bitch you owe me,” he sings, nodding to the camera with a smirk.

Smith retweeted Brown’s interesting rendition of the song this morning. Watch the short clip below and judge for yourself, and listen to Brown’s new song with Future and Jeremih afterward as a palate cleanser.