Busta Rhymes Almost Had His Own Jenji Kohan Superhero Show

Busta Rhymes Jenji Kohan Superhero Television Series

Before she rose to fame on the strength of Weeds and Orange is the New Black, showrunner Jenji Kohan wrote a never-produced pilot for a superhero show starring none other than Busta Rhymes. The writer/producer revealed that odd tidbit in her new Hollywood Reporter cover story.

Shortly after she did a stint writing for Friends more than a decade ago, Kohan said, sge went through a trial-and-error process of script-writing that included “a comedy about a divorce lawyer still in love with his ex-wife… a Second Wives Club, and a musical rom-com.” And most improbably of all, yes, a television series that would have featured the “Woo Haa!!!” MC in a lead role. We assume Courvoisier would be the mysterious source of his power.

The ever-charismatic Busta is certainly no stranger to the superhero world. The artwork for his recent single with Eminem, “Calm Down,” features Rhymes as a Hulk-sized mutant and Slim Shady in Batman-esque spandex. He also once starred as the voice of the Reptar Wagon in The Rugrats Movie, which was kind of heroic, and definitely super. He’s done a fair bit of acting, too, having appeared in The Boondocks, Halloween: Ressurection, and Finding Forrester, among others.

Earlier this week, Busta Rhymes took heat for starring in a car commerical music video called “Swagger Wagon.” Watch that below if you’re looking for a head-scratching moment. (And revist Rugrats after that.)




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