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Watch Grumpy Cat’s Music Video, ‘Cat Summer’

Video Watch "Cat Summer"

The most famous faces of feline Internet celebrity star in the “Cat Summer” music video above. (All but our music-loving friend Lil Bub.) Grumpy Cat, Nala Cat, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat, plus Oskar the Blind Cat and his housemate Klaus, are the unusual model/actors booked for this clip set at a sizzling summer BBQ and shared by Rolling Stone, who had had Grumpy star in their own mean-mugging vine.

These Kardashians of kittydom take no prisoners at the soirée. The song takes their point of view over an indie-pop ditty that wouldn’t sound entirely out of place as a Tegan and Sara B-side: “Well too bad if we are in the way / It’s a cat summer! / Messin’ you as we play / Feline frolic every day.” True to form, though, their senses are ultimately overwhelmed by the smells of human food: “The salmon and the steak, almost too much to take!”

While these cats may not reap the fruits of the grill, sponsor Friskies will donate one meal to a cat in need for every view the video racks up, up to 1 million and until Labor Day. They’ve teamed with Rescue Bank, a non-profit organization providing donated food to non-profit animal welfare organizations, and their last viral charity video, “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas,” amounted to 600,000 meals for hungry kitties.

Meanwhile, Lil Bub reigns as our favorite cat collaborator. Watch her hang with producer Steve Albini, conduct business with The Breeders, and become a “Star Party Animal” (duh) with Andrew W.K.