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Bellows Drops Blustery Bedroom-Pop With ‘Funny Things’

Bellows Blue Breath Funny Things

As the story goes, Bellows started in a blizzard.

After a massive winter storm in 2010 buried New York’s Hudson Valley in snow, singer-songwriter Oliver Kalb retreated inward and began crafting the creaky tracks he’d slowly issue on his Bandcamp over the following years. He’s now set to release sophomore LP Blue Breath, and his band (expanded to include members of such meditative outfits as eskimeaux, Told Slant, and Small Wonder) has shared a turbulent new single called “Funny Things.” Pairing an affected lilt ripped from the pages of anglophile guitar-pop with the blustery maelstrom of Mount Eerie‘s louder moments, Kalb here turns from the away from the calm he found in weather’s wake to lean into the sound of the storm itself.

Listen below and pre-order Blue Breath at Dead Labour, who promise an August 29 ship date.