See Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Get High, Laugh a Lot

Seth Rogen Snoop Dogg Giggle
(Photo by Photo by Getty Images)

In a giggle-packed installment of Snoop Dogg’s Double G News web series, Seth Rogen lights up the screen and the green as the pair famed for their love of the herb share hysterical banter over a burning blunt. To tha Doggfather’s surprise, the writer/actor reveals that he personally rolled those cross-shaped joints in Pineapple Express, prompting a demonstration of his superb technique and eliciting high praise from Snoop, who dubs Rogen “creative as a motherfucker.” When the host discloses that they are smoking “Khalifa Kush,” they go on to name Rogen’s hypothetical strain, proudly coining “Sethiva” and “Seth to Death.”

In this meeting of stoners from different generations, Snoop recalls not only a time when herb packed less of a punch, but the exact moment he first experienced the new-weed order: without missing a beat, he says it was “1991” when a dealer offered the Dogg something called “hydroponic,” which he misheard as “hydro-chronic.” Thusly, the rap icon claims credit for coining the term “chronic,” hence answering a burning question for Rogen and stoners everywhere. As Seth points out to Snoop, “chronic” pervades hip-hop culture “because you literally heard it wrong.”

Rogen offers up details from his upcoming work, such as a film in which he and James Franco attempt to murder Kim Jong-un, and a “super R-rated Pixar-style” animated feature about food in a grocery store, focusing on the relationship between a sausage and a bun (file under: high-deas). Finally, the two team up to light the holy smoke with a “Hallelujah” from Doggy Dogg and a chorus of the Canadian’s glorious guffaws.



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